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I normally try to do all of our laundry on Mondays.  I’d rather set aside a day and just get it done than drag it out for the rest of the week.  As I was doing laundry, I started thinking about the next 20 years… of laundry.  Seriously.  Not fun thoughts.  Especially since we’d love to have more babies… and that means more laundry.

Then I started thinking about how Clara LOVES to help around the house.  She wants so badly to be a mamma.  One day as she blew on a wish (what she calls dandelions) I heard her say, “I wish I could be a mamma right now!”  Around the house, she often cheerfully asks me, “Mamma, is there anything I can do to help you?  Do you have a job for me?”  She wants to be a mamma, and she knows that mammas work, so she wants to help!

So, of course, being the sweetly devious mamma that I am, I found a new job for her.  Today, my sweet girls started doing their own laundry.  So, now the next 20 years of laundry aren’t looking so bad.  😉


First, they emptied their laundry basket and carried all of the clothes to the floor of the laundry room, where they dumped them.

Then, they picked up one item at a time and made sure it was turned right-side-out, and checked for stains.  They handed stained items to me and I stain treated them.

After checking and stain treating items, they put each item in the washer.  I started the washer.

When the clothes were clean, the girls transferred all of the clothes to the dryer on their own while I worked on other chores.

Once the clothes were dry, they helped me sort them, and I started teaching them how to hang shirts and dresses on hangers.  Then, I put the clothes away.

At this point, I’m still very involved in the process, but they’re only 2 and 3 years old right now. Who know, maybe in a year they’ll be doing it completely on their own. Can you imagine that???  Heaven!


After my amazing dad built us a window seat, we immediately stuffed the girls’ shoes into one of the drawers.  It’s a huge, deep, wide drawer, and it’s amazing how much it holds!  The problem was that I would line the girls shoes up neatly, and within minutes (or so it seemed to me) the drawer was in utter chaos again.  And I – can’t – stand – chaos.  It makes me want to rip my hair out.  So, after a year of dealing with this shoe drawer…



and struggling every time we went out the door to find two pairs of matching shoes, I finally came up with a solution that was simple enough to actually carry out… with some help.  (Thanks again, Dad!)  While we were visiting my parents, my Dad cranked these out while I “helped”.



As soon as we got home, we assembled the dividers and organized the girls’ shoes… and my OCD self felt so much better!  I liked the solution so much that I put my shoes in a drawer too…




Ahhhh… order!  Sweet, sweet, organization!  How my heart thrills when everything has a place and everything is in it’s place!  (I know, I’ve got problems… but I also have a clean house!)


I love to find great deals, and it makes my day to be able to pass them on to my friends and family too!  I just got a coupon code for a free baby sling from Seven Everyday Slings.  The code is onefree.  The slings are $40, but all you have to pay is shipping, which is $12.  If you don’t need one, go ahead and grab one as a gift!  You can purchase “size exchange insurance” for $3.50.  Don’t worry about having to find it as it will automatically appear in your shopping cart (you can remove it if you’d like).  I don’t know how long this coupon code will last, so if you want one, better act fast!

Image of two baby slings, one blue, one black.

Collage of three baby slings, purple, brown, and green.

You can also get a free nursing cover from Udder Covers.  Again, use coupon code onefree.  The covers are normally $32, but your price will be about $10 for shipping.

Collage of three nursing covers, floral, brown, and purple.

I love, love to give baby gifts, and I can give bigger gifts when I get good deals, so this has made my day!  I just purchased one of each!  Happy shopping!


I {heart} organization.  I always have.  It’s just the personality God gave me!  As a child, I couldn’t make myself throw away shoe boxes.  Getting a new shoe box was almost as exciting as the new pair of shoes that came tucked away inside.  I used them to organize my treasures.

Today, my love of organization is about to make your life a little prettier!  I have added a new product line to my etsy shop Initial Grace.  Currently, it is a line of five gorgeous, sturdy, eco-friendly, embroidered totes.  The patterns are bursting with trendy colors.  The embroidery fonts are unexpectedly charming.  And the prices… they’re beyond affordable!  And, to make it even better, for each additional tote that you purchase, you’ll receive a bigger discount!  Now, doesn’t that make you a happy shopper?  … And I hope it helps you keep your busy life a little more organized too.

Collage of four trendy embroidered totes from

You can find them at Initial Grace.


Welcome to my blog! I am a SAHWM (stay-at-home-wife-and-mother) to a fabulous husband and two precious little girls (spaced 13-1/2 months apart) whose beautiful faces are plastered all over my blog. My life is a blend of beautifully orchestrated chaos… and I LOVE it! My incredibly talented hubby recently started his own business… which means he works out of our home. So, every day, all day, we’re all at home. Honestly, I wouldn’t have it any other way, but there are moments when I think I’m going crazy! And that is when I get creative. It’s my outlet.  I started this blog because it’s so much more fun to be creative when you have someone to share your projects with!

I also have two etsy shops:

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