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Paint is such an amazing tool!  It’s inexpensive, easy to use, and can transform a space or item quickly.  For these reasons, and because I’m a change-addict, I love to paint furniture!  On that note, I have another painted project to share with you.

I have owned this trunk for years and years.  I always wanted to do something with it, but just hadn’t ever gotten around to it. So, while my babies stayed with my family last week, I gave it a little lift.  This is what it looked like before :

I actually don’t mind the outside all that much, it’s the inside that really needed work.  The lining is peeling away from the wood.  But, once I get into a project, it’s pretty hard for me to stop… so while I was peeling away the lining and spray painting the inside, I spontaneously decided to paint the outside too!  Why not?  My living room is composed of soft, muted colors, so the bold black of the trunk really stuck out.

I painted the inside navy blue… with this Krylon spray paint in a glossy finish.  The exterior of the trunk received several coats of Krylon Ivory in satin finish (the same spray paint I used on my frames).

Once I had the exterior completely coated in ivory I realized that it needed a little oomph… so I added stripes in glossy Krylon paint in almond color.  Here, the trunk is taped off, ready to be spray painted.

Now my fabric stash has a stylish home!


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