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After my amazing dad built us a window seat, we immediately stuffed the girls’ shoes into one of the drawers.  It’s a huge, deep, wide drawer, and it’s amazing how much it holds!  The problem was that I would line the girls shoes up neatly, and within minutes (or so it seemed to me) the drawer was in utter chaos again.  And I – can’t – stand – chaos.  It makes me want to rip my hair out.  So, after a year of dealing with this shoe drawer…



and struggling every time we went out the door to find two pairs of matching shoes, I finally came up with a solution that was simple enough to actually carry out… with some help.  (Thanks again, Dad!)  While we were visiting my parents, my Dad cranked these out while I “helped”.



As soon as we got home, we assembled the dividers and organized the girls’ shoes… and my OCD self felt so much better!  I liked the solution so much that I put my shoes in a drawer too…




Ahhhh… order!  Sweet, sweet, organization!  How my heart thrills when everything has a place and everything is in it’s place!  (I know, I’ve got problems… but I also have a clean house!)

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