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I’ve ventured out of my comfort zone of fabrics and paper and into wood.  See my little tree?



It’s actually not that little.  It’s 2 feet tall, so it’s a decent size.  I used some sort of plywood that my dad had in his basement.  He was also kind enough to let me use his ban saw and scroll saw, which is pretty trusting of him, seeing that I had no previous experience with either machine!  This was my first solo-wood-creation and I really enjoyed the process… the long process.


I have big plans for our little tree.  Right now, I have Bible verses hanging on it.  They’re right in front of our faces every time we sit down to eat.  It helps us to remember to teach the girls new verses and to rehearse verses we’ve already memorized together.



As you can see, I make sure to pick verses that we can apply… constantly!  Right now, the girls are both asserting their independence and are clashing a bit, so we’ve been talking a lot about being peacemakers and speaking gently.  We haven’t memorized these two verses yet, but I’m pretty sure that they’re next up!


I also plan on using our tree for holidays.  My initial plan was actually to make it as a Jesse tree for Christmas, but once I finished, I had put so much work into it, that I decided I wanted to keep it out year round!  The Jesse tree is a way of telling God’s Story of redemption in advent form. Each day in December, we read a devotional and hang an ornament on our Jesse tree.  The ornaments take us from the creation of the world, to the birth of the Savior, which lands right on Christmas day.  For the remaining days of December, we continue to hang ornaments that take us on a journey through Jesus’ life, death, burial, resurrection, ascent to Heaven, and Pentecost. It’s a wonderful way of helping little minds connect the entire redemption story together.


I also hope to put together my own advents that we can use with this tree for other holidays.  An advent for Easter, studying Jesus’ life in more depth, and of course His sacrifice.  A study of Biblical love for February, to celebrate Valentine’s Day.  A study of the Biblical history of our great nation for July and Independence Day.  A series on thankfulness and praise for November and Thanksgiving… just some thoughts that have been running through my mind.

I’m sure you’ll be seeing our tree again around the holidays!

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