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Remember back when I told you that I was working on some new art for our living room?  I know… it seems like it was years ago that I said that…  Well, I’m finally going to make good on my promise to show you what I’ve been up to.  Sorry it’s taken so long!

Our fireplace wall had frames propped on it for years before I finally decided that it was about time we hung something more permanent.  So, I dug out one of my huge bargain frames from Hobby Lobby and some watercolors that haven’t been touched in over 5 years and I painted a big pink flower.  I’ve been wanting to add some pink to our living room and I was so excited to finally accomplish it with this project!

I love how pink livens up the room!  It is such a cheerful color!  I also embroidered two pieces to hang next to my flower.  The top piece is our embroidered wedding announcement.

After studying Kay Arthur’s Covenant Bible study, it was important to me that our personal wedding art make much of the fact that our marriage is not just a partnership or a mutual agreement, but that it is a covenant. That word carries so much more meaning for me now that I’ve studied it in God’s Word.

And, finally, the third frame on our fireplace…

And here is the whole picture…

It feels so good to finally have art up!  I still have more art projects planned for our living room… and the rest of the house.  I think my house is doomed to be one of those that will never be completely finished because I enjoy change way too much to commit to any one decoration forever!

2 Responses to “REMEMBER BACK WHEN…”

  • Lindsay:

    Will you please, please, PLEASE tell me where you got the pattern/fonts for both of the embroidery pieces you did!?!?! They are STUNNING and I would love to do something similar for my mantle!

    • Brooke:

      Thanks Lindsay! Unfortunately, I can’t help much. I use my parents’ embroidery machine. The software we use is the free downloadable version of Stitch Era Universal. It converts all of the fonts on your computer to embroidery fonts (sometimes successfully, sometimes not). So, these were just fonts that were on the laptop I used at my parents’ house, and I digitized it myself – there is no pattern. We download most of our fonts from sites like for free. I’m sorry I can’t be more helpful!

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